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Barriera – Frigjort Festival, Christiania, 2021


Barriera, Brazil


Copenhagen, Denmark


Aug 2021 and 2022


Interaction and content developer in Unreal Engine

Project type

Interactive light installation for festival music stage

LUZ – Content Developer, Pleasure Controls
Project: Barriera – Frigjort Festival, Christiania, 2021

As a key content developer for Pleasure Controls, LUZ played a pivotal role in the creation of "Barriera", an innovative laser mapping real-time project showcased at Christiania's Frigjort Festival in 2021. Integrating advanced technologies from TouchDesigner and Unreal Engine, this installation transformed the stage at Loppen into a dynamic play of light and shadows, weaving together lasers, projectors, and smoke to create an immersive experience of visual harmony and chaos. This project exemplified the fusion of cutting-edge technology and artistic expression, captivating audiences and enhancing the multisensory experience of the festival.

Summary of Frigjort Festival 2021 and 2022:

The Frigjort Festival in Christiania is known for its eclectic blend of performances and artistic installations. In 2021, the festival featured a unique stage setup that included the "Barriera" project by Pleasure Controls, creating a stunning visual environment that perfectly complemented the live performances. The following year, the festival continued to highlight a diverse lineup of artists, each bringing their distinct musical styles to the heart of Christiania, from energetic synth-pop to introspective indie-rock. Each iteration of the festival has successfully captured the spirit of freedom and creativity that defines Christiania.

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