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Anti-gravitational chamber

Project Type

Proposed Art Installation


August 2023


Burning Man, Black Rock City, Nevada


The citizens will interaction between light, sound and water droplets at different frequencies.

This is a purposed art installation for the 2023 Burning Man, BRC Nevada. Here we present an overview of the purposal of the art piece an anti-gravity chamber, a machine that harvest energy from atmosphere and converge into chamber in the center that breaks the gravitational laws.

The Anti-gravitational chamber is based in optic principles and physics, using sound, light and water droplets synchronized at pre-established frequencies to create the illusion of an anti-gravity chamber. By using extra sensorial effects, the observers will collectivly experience optical illusions and altered states of reality, interacting with them via sensors. Creating awareness for the maniplation of the reality we constantly experience.

The citizens will have a sensorial experience, where interaction between light, sound and water droplets at different frequencies creates the illusion of gravitational laws being broken.

Through movements sensors the structures will interact with citizens, powering on/off lights, altering colors, flashes frequencies and triggering projections on the floor.

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